Delicious and rich in spicy cinnamon flavor, the allspice provides a warm, gentle flavor, the nutmeg adds a savory note, the ginger casts hints of lemony pungency and then it’s all married together with a sophisticated complexity from the cardamom.


Hand blended with korintje cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger root and cardamom.

How to Use

The sweet spicy combination of Apple Pie Spice is, of course, perfect in apple pie, but don’t stop there. It will work well with a variety of fruit desserts, so toss over peaches and enjoy some peach cobbler, add to plums and make a plum tarte tatin. Sprinkle over oatmeal or French toast. Mix into the custard for crème brûlée, then stir some into a fresh berry topping. Reduce fruit to make a fruit compote seasoned with Apple Pie Spice. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream or make a dramatic smear and serve under sliced pork tenderloin, or brighten up barbecue sauces with this sweet seasoning.

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