This not for the faint of heart as it packs a pretty big kick but if you like your forehead to sweat and your sinuses to immediately clear – then you will indeed be pleased.  Use it as a Cajun seasoning and sprinkle it liberally on our grilled chicken, ribs, tilapia and Cajun Chicken Wings or for even more punch use it as a rub.


Hand blended from salt, paprika, thyme, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, cayenne pepper, black pepper, white pepper and sage.

How to Use

When used as a rub we use 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat. Add to the meat and then rub it in on both sides. Make sure that you thoroughly was your hands when you're done! Once this is done then place the meat in a resealable bag (we like to use large zip lock bags) and then refrigerate for at least two hours. For best results let the rub work it's magic and leave in the fridge for 24 hours before grilling.

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