This delivers a complex pepper flavor profile, elevated by black pepper’s citrus top notes and grounded by the powerfully earthy pine both elements bring to the table. You can enjoy the clean, lingering burn from white peppercorn and the pleasantly bitter finish from black pepper


Black peppercorns and white peppercorns

How to Use

Use our Black and White Peppercorn Blend wherever a recipe calls for pepper. It is wonderful cracked over braised chicken, or as a garnish with sea salt and lemon zest over grilled asparagus. Use this to make a kicky little souffle or a vibrant stir-fry. Grind finely and mix with sea salt for a spicy take on sea-salt caramels. If you want to experience the peppery bite and full range of flavors in our Black and White Peppercorn Blend, use it to finish vegetable or chicken soup or creamy dishes like pasta alfredo. For mellower pepperiness, add this blend early in the cooking time and allow it to incorporate the flavors throughout the dish.

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