Square One by Lenawee Now – Idea Genius Contest Winners

In April of 2018 we entered and won the Square One contest presented by Lenawee Now.  This was an entrepreneurial pitch contest.  There were several good ideas presented.  As the “Idea Genius” winner we received $1000.  We took this $1000 and purchased a tent which we use at local markets and events.  We also purchased additional storage shelving and inventory. Please see the links below with information about the event details.

The Adrian Daily Telegram

Lenawee Now

Launch Lenawee – Path to Entrepreneurship.

In October of 2018 we applied to the Launch Lenawee Entrepreneurial program.  We were excited once we learned of our acceptance into the program.  The first 6 weeks of the program is an intense program which includes, weekly homework, weekly classroom instruction, and commitment followup. The next four months consisted of a monthly check-in with the cohort and additional presentations by experts in various fields such as Human Resources, Marketing, Management, etc. Also, during this four month progress we were assigned mentors to help us review our business.  These meetings with mentors can include, business plan review, concept development, financial pro-forma, etc.  If you are interested in learning more about the Launch Lenawee program, applying to be in the program, or if you are interested in becoming a Mentor please click the link below.

Launch Lenawee


Maker Space Kitchen – Adrian Armory Event Center

The Adrian Armory Event Center is in the process of developing, in conjunction with the Launch Lenawee program, a maker space kitchen. This commercial kitchen will allow local entrepreneurs to take their food based business to the next level.  This kitchen will allow those whom currently operate under the cottage food law a space where they can cook, package, manufacture their products in a licensed facility.  Those businesses will then be able to offer their products in retail outlets and over the internet, as well as having a licensed facility to produce on a larger scale.  For more information about the Maker Space Kitchen please click the link below.

Maker Space Kitchen